Marie Potrel Di Meglio - Potrelinetta
Marie Potrel di Meglio (Instagram)

Marie Potrel di Meglio, young pastry chef and food blogger from Corsica, has included Gelato di Natura in her personal hit-list of places where to eat in Venice.

Potrelinetta (this is Marie’s nickname) is a cheerful, dynamic young lady from Bonifacio, in southern Corsica. Passionate about cooking and the daughter of a chef, she feels right at home in the kitchen.

But Marie is also a start-upper. Indeed, thanks to a local cooperative, she has been able to launch her own business, capitalising on her love of cooking.

“Since I officially started up my business and was able to begin promoting my own products, especially on internet and in the social networks, my orders have been increasing.”

This success is certainly fruit of her passion, of the constant care that she takes when seeking out ingredients and the dedication with which she tackles the creative challenge that sees her striving to explore tasty culinary solutions designed especially for the vegan world.
All ingredients that Gelato di Natura knows like the back of its hand.

Where to eat in Venice

A passionate businesswoman then, but also a food blogger who has recently decided to launch a section of her website in which to talk about the places where one can taste the finest food all over the world.
And the first chapter of this journey is a familiar one: our beloved Venice.

In this way, we discover that, after a meal at the family restaurant Alla Rivetta in Venice or at the Riva Rosa in Burano, Marie recommends savouring a delicious gelato in the Gelato di Natura shop in Campo Santi Apostoli.

We are happy – as always – to have satisfied a customer.
And of course, we are particularly happy to have appeased the palate of a person whose job is to rate food and who also has a soft spot for the vegan world.

A bientôt Marie!