For a long time, Premiata Gelateria Artigianale Michielan and eastern entrepreneurs have had a relationship based on close cooperation. The roots of this mutual interest would appear to be set in the stone of times gone by, and can indeed be traced to the friendship that Marco Polo formed with Kubilai Khan, which allowed the clever Venetian to take on important governmental and commercial positions in the boundless territories of the Emperor. A genetic, historical and cultural heritage that continues to foster trading and creative partnerships, generating a host of surprising results, even today.

This intrigue has inspired the creation of “Michi”, a line of contemporary desserts. The short, endearing name is the Michielan family’s attempt to honour this solid relationship.

Michi represents the union of opposites, an embrace between East and West.

It is a rice cake, covered with special sweet rice on the outside, containing a heart of cool creamy gelato on the inside; it is made with the finest ingredients and only using natural colorants and aromas.

Michi is an innovative dessert, its handmade production process makes it unique, and the tastiness of each piece just as extraordinary. An example of the finest Italian artisan gelato making.

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Gelato di Natura - Michi

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