The Gelato di Natura stores use an exclusive format with an extremely effective impact, developed by Venetian designer Matteo Scorsini. All the stores are characterised by materials with a classic feel, but also a strong contemporary taste: the floors are composed of large tiles, with effects that vary from slate to textured surfaces or wooden weaves; in addition to characterizing the brand, copper is the “common denominator” of the colour scheme used in store; it is featured on the lower part of the store counter and on the shelves. This choice brings coherence to the coordinated image of the ice-cream parlour. Other distinctive elements of this format include: the back counter, always free from clutter, and sporting a high visual impact; the natural decorations on the walls, which give the store a sense of movement; the curtains, which express the mood of the store.

There are also many elements designed to customize the environment. In particular, these include the ceiling, illustrated with scenarios to complement the style of the square or the street in which the store is located.

The ice-cream parlours of Gelato di Natura offer a wide, high quality selection of products from artisan whisked gelato to the eastern/Venetian delicacies of the Michi line, and the typical sweet treats of Italian tradition: biscuits, panettone, nougat, jams, chocolate and delicious crepes.

Gelato di Natura is the esteemed brand of artisan gelato produced by Premiata Gelateria Michielan, a legendary Italian company with its own points of sale in various countries, from Italy to several European countries, and from Ireland to as far away as China.

Thanks to the innovative “in TANDEM” cooperation contract, today you can open a Gelateria di Natura in your city and take advantage of some extremely favourable terms. The parent company will support you by providing you with all its qualified experience and, as a true partner of the project, it will promote the planned and sustainable development of your business by:

  • proposing an investment plan
  • assessing the commercial potential of the Point of Sale
  • developing the concept and the personalised layout and furnishing of the store to suit to your requirements
  • supplying the gelato and all the other main products
  • providing support for staff training

in TANDEM, we face the future… hand-in-hand.

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